Marina Rules & Regulations

  INDEPENDENT BOAT YARD & MARINA (Marina) has established the following rules and regulations for the operation of its marina.  Compliance with these rules and regulations is a condition of use for all vessels, their owners, captains and crews, as well as all guests or customers at the marina.

  1. The Rules of the Road and the Navigation Laws of the United States and the Virgin Islands shall control all vessels at or approaching the marina. 
  2. Once at the slip or dock at the marina, a vessel shall immediately come under the jurisdiction of the Dockmaster of the Marina. Only vessels in good condition, and under their own power, shall be admitted to the slip and berthing area of the marina.
  3. The parties agree that Marina does not accept the vessel for storage, is not a bailee, and will not be responsible for any damage or loss to the vessel or its tackle or to any person visiting the vessel, unless caused by an affirmative act of negligence of Marina.  However, during the absence of Owner, if Marina finds the vessel insecure or in danger as determined by the sole discretion of the Marina manager, the Marina is authorized, but not required, to take temporary action to protect the vessel and all necessary and reasonable costs therefore shall be charged against the vessel.
  4. No pets are permitted without the prior permission of the Marina, and only if they do not disturb others.  Boat owners, captains or their guests are strictly liable for any damage caused by any pets.  OWNERS MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS.